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I booked online,money deducted from my account but have not received confirmation email voucher or any other details.

When you booked with us we place your order to supplier for the confirmation, which will take maximum 24 hours. Sometime confirmation voucher sent to customer however it stuck in spam folder so kindly check your spam folder as well.

If its more than 24 hours and you checked your spam folder as well than kindly raise a ticket.

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  I have booked tickets for 12th march  but i have not recieved any Confiramation mail othere than a text msg with PNR,

 i have raised ticket but still no response.

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I have booked for day out in Jain form while booking it showed basavangudi now it s showing Tamil Nadu.... I wan the book for basavangudi not Tamil nadu
Please provide customer care number
I also did the payment on monday but no response. Did not received any confirmation of the booking. Also raised the ticket for the same . This application is frustrating.

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I booked online 4 tickets and money got deducted immidaitely but I haven't received tickets nor any response. I think this is a fake site

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I booked tickets for a tourist attraction in Singapore and even though the amount got deducted immediately, no confirmation has come even after 2 days. The website says confirmation comes within 24hrs! Is this a problem which many users are facing? Is this website untrustworthy?

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I too haven't received any confirmation yet.

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On 04.02.2019 I booked a tour for 07.02.2019 Full Day Sight Seeing Tour of Jaipur. Till 10 AM on 07.02.2019, no vendor contacted me at my contact number 9412707710. I mailed my grievance but not resolved. I was not provided service. I am still waiting for refund of the amount paid by me. 

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I am trying to make a booking but no response from Vendor. Customer support is very difficult.

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I think it's general problem
Hello Team, I had booked a resort with you for the same day around 3.30 PM and according to the website it said that it’s open until 10.30 PM. I reached the location by 4.30 PM but the resort did not allow me to use any of the services except for the bar as their service close by 5.00 PM. My question here is that you have charged me for the entire booking and I as a customer was unable to use any!!! That’s not fair. And I did not even receive a confirmation from you guys except for a msg with PNR DEJ914
I tried booking for triund camping and debited from my account but there is no update or mail from thrillophila.....

Dear Support Team, I booked my tickets for several activities in Dubai like Desert SAfari, IMG World, Abu Dhabi and others on 22nd September. But the booking status is still showing as CONFIRMATION PENDING. Can you please confirm the booking ASAP as i have to travel in another two days?

Sir 24 hours completed..still did not received my confirmation feeling so tensed..plz cancel my booking and refund us sir
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