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Cancellation from the vendor side

My two bookings got cancelled from the vendor side. One is scuba diving and one is south seeing tour Goa. Please refund the amount as soon as possible. Thank you.
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I got a call from the vendor regarding my mullayanagiri  trek that is not  happening and it’s been cancelled.. 

Okay, firstly, this is not the time to inform anyone about the cancellation when the trek was suppose to happen tomorrow, you guys wasted my long weekend by bursting out the news to me at the last moment, I could have planned something else for myself instead. 

Secondly, if you guys are not sure about the trek itself kindly don’t take the payment from the clients on the first place. 

Thirdly, kindly update your customer care number, the number provided in the web is not active, it shows the place of your management system, how efficiently they are working to support the customers. 

Lastly, I request the concerned person to call me from the company because I need my money back which I paid for the trip that is not happening now, without deducting any cancellation charges because the fault is not from my end. 

Thank you for destroying my weekend, will never recommend the service to anyone. 

PS: I’m expecting the call ASAP.

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