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When will I receive the cashback offered on package booked ?

The cashback offered on package booked is automatically credited to the Thrillophilia wallet of customer who booked with us as Thrillcash, within 3-4 business days after the completion of the trip .

For instance : If the date of travel is 12 April 2019 , then after the date of travel has passed within 3-4 business days of it the cashback would automatically reflect in Thrillophilia wallet

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Hello Team, I have made a booking for feb 21, 2020 and there was a cashback of 1500 which was offered. But, when I had the booking, the 500 thrillcash was not debited from my account. Is there any any reason behind and will the cash back get affected? Attached is the screenshot for your internal reference. Thank you.
I completed my tour on 07/02/2020 to Andaman. I was promised cashback of Rs.3000 which I have not received.


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